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Football Manager 2014 Hack Review:

Football Manager makes sense to me again. The series had slowly driven me away as it crammed more detail into its already stat-heavy simulation of football. I never seemed to be able to tell what information mattered, and which decisions were the cause of my various triumphs and failures.

Classic Mode changed that. Introduced last year, it strips back the game to something that, on the surface, resembles Championship Manager from ten years ago, but is underpinned by the same rich simulation that drives the main game. The mode returns in Football Manager 2014, and it’s still my favourite way to play the game. This release doesn’t have any equivalent flagship feature, but the hundreds of changes it does make are important. Most notable for fans of modern football is the inclusion of expanded player roles, and a tactics system that replaces sliders with the language of real football tacticians. That means being able to deploy players in the midfield as a trequartista, a false nine or an enganche.

Doing so allowed me to influence the outcome of matches in meaningful ways. I brought Marek Hamsik, a traditional enganche, from Napoli to Manchester United, but found success playing him in different kinds of roles in different matches. It’s both simpler and a better representation of how football is now played, and allows you to better represent the tactics of teams like Real Madrid or Arsenal.

If you want to see your tactics play out, the match engine does a great job of showing the consequences of what would otherwise be abstract decisions. People are always quick to criticise the 3D version of that engine – and it’s true its animation doesn’t compare to something like FIFA, but there’s a flow and rhythm to FM matches that’s more realistic than any other football game.